About iBollo

iBollo 取自古希腊神话中的太阳神阿波罗的谐音,阿波罗在古希腊神话中象征光明,主司文艺,青春等。

What I'm doing

I'm working on IOS/Android APPs of the following categories:

1. Traditional Culture, 传统文化类
2. Child Education, 儿童教育类
3. Tools, 工具类
4. Car, 汽车类

If you have questions about our products or like to know more about our team, fell free to contact us.

Growing-up Diary

2015-12-28 Transfer to Aliyun.
2015-12-28 Put On Record 京ICP备15066753号-1.
2012-11-15 Transfer website to linode.
2011-12-28 Interviewed by appying.com
2011-6-21 The first IOS App ready for sale
2011-1-14 Get the domain name: ibollo.com

Contact Us

QQ: 11925282
QQ: 57232148
Email: zhouweicheng@gmail.com
Email: sun.nsfocus@gmail.com